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October 12, 2013
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Old Ref  - The Grinner by BumbleDoc Old Ref  - The Grinner by BumbleDoc
some of you know this dork already but for those who don't.

name - The Grinner
human alas - Gregory Grinwald Cold or Mr.Cold
age - unknown, seems young
D.O.B: July 14th or so says the notes from last guy who studied this thing
Height - changes height but seems to favor the 8 ft - 12 ft range
weight - unknown, why would you try to weigh this thing?
gender - Male
species - Nightmare-ish fairy ( Black Fairy )
colors - neutral colors
personality - trickster, jolly, impish, clever, Adaptable, Loyal, silly, manipulative, in some cases rigid, cold, down right stubborn
Likes - Food, music, games, trading, singing, building, family, rain
dislikes - being attacked, lied to, wendigos, starving

physical traits

Blood - Blood is Black and oddly seems like it's alive, it moves and when touched it will coil around the said person's hand and start to become like its acidic, in truth its actually eating what its latched onto in a desperate attempt to stay alive but will succumb and die in about 12 minutes, person is in immediate danger and will need amputation as the blood will get into their system and start making blood vessels and veins burst. the sufferer will die in many ways such as heart explodes or an aneurysm.

Tentacles - Tentacles are pure black and tend to form mouths on them, eyes are a rare occasion. they seem to think with minds of their own as they are often seen scanning around for food and ways to escape, should Grinner find himself trapped.

hair - silky black and has an odd cow lick in the back that never seems to want to stay down when combed, it has at a few times formed a mouth and whisper things to Grinner, like what it sees in the back of grinner's view.

face - flat, no nose, no eyes, no ears, big Cheshire cat grin, mouths open up where eyes should be.

mouth - multiple teeth, teeth are regenerative if lost or damaged. long black tongue. Eye Ball resting in his mouth. when he eats the eye is pulled up into a pocket and is protected from food particles. in this instance we can assume The Grinner is Blind when he eats. most likely pays attention to sounds and vibrations when he eats.

Glasses - glasses are peculiar, they hang by nothing on his face, and they move in different shapes, usually changes to match his current emotion, implying these maybe part of him even though they can be taken off.

body - long and skinny

shape-shifter - Can take the form of any person or animal, the only stand outs are the animal or person always has black hair/fur. we can assume the living creatures he takes the shape of are previous victims.

vocals - has a default low rough German accented voice but is capable of sounding like anything else: animal, human, child, girl etc etc. this is also we assume are previous victim's voices.

last little things

family members he acknowledges - Nibbles.

Hunt Style - Fast, Blunt and violent, type to pick you up and keep slamming you on the ground until you stop moving or chomp half of your head off

Husks - drones that do grinner's work for him at times, but ultimately their only purpose to grinner is to be emergency food when times are bad. they are created when Grinner fuses his hand into the victim's face and bursts tentacles through their body via from his hand, then just discards them from his hand. they soon after get up and slump about bleeding black from the holes all over their body and their face is nothing more than a crater with teeth and gum spiraling inward into a black abyss.

Safety - by Shouting Handel before he strikes will give you a moment of peace, because you wish to make a trade to save your life. This would probably be the first slenderman thing that will barter.

trade could be just about anything: another life, an offering of food, even so much as a toy or object but whatever it is, it must be what he demands, nothing more, nothing less

berserk mode - Berserk is triggered when he has not eaten in about 7 days, his metabolism starts attacking himself, when in this berserk state the "trade save" will not even work

The Grinner's Eating habits - The Grinner seems like he will eat anything, people, animals, people food and will eat a lot of food in a wave. It has been rumored he will stomach the equivalent of 9 times that of a person's usual amount in a single serving.

Fun stupid facts:

- sings sometimes when bored

- appears derpy and silly but has a remarkable sense of memory and cleverness

- eats alot.

- has a daughter named nibbles

- controls the woods and rain if hes got enough malice, which he can only get if he eats enough people
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Cooliberta Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
What does the IZ by the tonge mean? Invader Zim, because the tounges of Irkens look similar?
Really cool by the way!
BumbleDoc Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't see the similarity.

thanks anyway
Cooliberta Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I meant 'cause they both look kinda worm like.=P (Razz)  I didn't mean to offend your drawing or anything, it looks really cool!!!
BumbleDoc Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you didn't lawl thank you~
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